Hi, I don't believe we've had the pleasure of meeting.

I'm Jacob, and I see good people. I'm married to my ridiculously intelligent and talented wife, Anna. She blogs, too (and is my inspiration for blogging, among many other things). You can read her blog here.

I have a BA in Ancient Near Eastern Studies, an MA in Comparative Religion, and a Ph.D. from Claremont Graduate University in Religion, where my dissertation dealt with temples in ancient Mesopotamian texts, Genesis 1-3, and John Milton's Paradise Lost. Yes, it's all over the place, but so am I. If you're interested at all in seeing what I've written and presented over the years, head over to my website. Being involved in academics allows me the double fortune of being forced to chase rabbits down scholarly holes and engage with brilliant young minds in the classroom.

I love my life, and my wife (and I often have trouble telling the two apart).